Join Our Family

Join Our Family

Just starting out in real estate? Or are you a seasoned professional who is looking to grow? Whatever your situation, Market South Properties, Inc. would like to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, and take the next step in your real estate career.

At Market South Properties, Inc, we strive to find and attract real estate salespeople of the highest ethical and professional qualities.  We believe in our clients experiencing the feeling that they are the priority in every transaction.

Brande Smith, Owner/Broker purchased the business in September 2017.  Market South Properties, Inc is a little over 11 years old.  The foundation of the company was built in the Property Management area of Real Estate.  Market South Properties, Inc now has 25 REALTORS and growing.  We are very focused on developing a team of top producing agents through our commitment to training and education. Brande is very passionate about not allowing Market South Properties, Inc to ever lose the "family" dynamics of the business.  She has committed to not having more than 50 REALTORS at any given time.  This will allow her to make sure that all agents are "touchable" and she can offer the best Broker support possible.

Our mission speaks to the type of company we are and the type of people we want on our team:  Market South Properties, Inc. is focused on enhancing the quality of life for those that live in the communities we serve. With a deep sense of integrity and a comprehensive knowledge of real estate, we offer our total commitment to professional, lifelong service producing a positive, results directed real estate experience for each of our clients and customers, every time.

The Market South Properties, Inc. compensation plan gives their agents the best opportunity to grow their own business, not just the Brokers. We offer a competitive commission split or transaction fee plan depending on your needs and production.  We do offer a yearly cap, where our REALTORS are able to receive 100% of their commission.  The choice is yours!

We also offer RESIDUAL INCOME FROM SPONSORED SALES ASSOCIATES. Sales associates that bring new agents to the Market South Properties, Inc. team become their “Sponsor” and are compensated with a Bonus Commission. (Excludes rentals)

In addition, we offer COMPANY LEADS to those associates who want to maximize their productivity.

With our competitive graduated commission split, residual income, company leads, broker support, you’ll find vast personal earning potential combined with a true team spirit.

What you can expect from Market South Properties, Inc, you can expect the following:

  • Training | Full Broker Support
  • Competitive Commission Split or Transaction Fee Schedule
  • Coaching | Mentoring
  • Prompt Commission Checks
  • Professional, Personal and Pleasant Working Facilities
  • Tools and tips to develop your brand
  • Tools and tips to succeed as a Realtor
  • With Market South Properties, Inc. proven path to success and your diligence along with our solid office support, your growth potential is as high as the sky.

Testimonials from REALTORS:

Brande was gracious enough to allow me to hang my license at Market South Properties, Inc. given that I moved here from out of state and had no client base to tap into.  Brande has no problem sharing her years of knowledge and experience with the realtors at her brokerage firm.  I was welcomed in by her and the other realtors as if we had known each other for years.  We offer ideas and support to each other when needed. - Debra Young

Having worked at several brokerages thru out my career (C-21, ReMax, and smaller individual companies), Market South Properties, Inc. is one of the best brokerages thus far. It's not so big that you're just a number or so small that no one hasn't heard of it. - Mark Mays

I left my previous Brokerage to work for Market South Properties, Inc in October of 2017.  I decided to come here for the opportunities Brande offers for all of her Agents.  Since being here, I have found it to be the best decision I could have made.  The quality leadership Brande has is great.  She is always working hard to give all her agents everything they need to succeed.  Things like getting us not just the CE classes required, but so many other CE classes to give her agents more education to help us in our journey to being great Realtor's. There are plenty of opportunities here at Market South Properties, Inc. to get you where you want to be from motivational talks, Real Estate advice, classes, friendships and much more. The atmosphere here is the best.  I love coming into my office and getting my day started.  There are some of us Realtors that are here all the time and our other Realtors come in to take care of things needed but when they come in, it is a family atmosphere and everyone is always willing to give a helping hand.  We also hold monthly office meetings and in these meetings come great advice for us and up and coming things for the office.  It is a great opportunity for all of our Realtors here at Market South Properties, Inc. to get together and share anything they may have learned.  I'm always looking forward to what Brande has in store for us and I have found a place to call home.    - Lynda Cook

I've known Brande for several years & now I have the great pleasure of working with her. When I decided to get into real estate just a short while ago Brande was extremely supportive & helped me every step of the way. She is very knowledgeable, constantly learning, and a fantastic mentor. She makes herself available to her agents 24/7 & is willing to help us with any issue big or small.  It is evident to anyone who meets her, her company is one of her greatest loves and she is always working towards ways to improve & grow.  She is not only an incredible broker, she's a great friend.  - Stacy Morris

Market South Properties INC. is based on customer service, as an agent for Market South Properties INC. I see this time and time again, not only with Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, and Owners but with their agents too.  Property Management is not the type of job where you can keep everyone happy and yet they do.... This is because of the level of customer service that Market South Properties INC. delivers. Market South Properties INC. Stands behind their agents. Education is #1, classes are offered through out the month with multiple time slots for the agents. We always have a Broker available to answer our questions at anytime of the day. This allows us to deliver the Best Customer Service to YOU. - Lynn Sweat

Before I transferred my license to Market South Properties, Inc. I was honestly ready to just give up real estate.  I am so thankful I didn't and even more grateful I came to Market South Properties, Inc!  It is like a family here and feels like a family!  Also when Brande tells you she will be there when you need her and offer all the guidance and support you need she means it!  Everytime I call she answers or gets back to me quickly.  We are always offered training and education to keep us successful.  When we want it, it's there for us.  This is definitely the place to be. - Belle McClure

Since the first day, I felt a great atmosphere in the office. I felt welcome and in a place that I could have the opportunity to learn and grow as a Realtor. I don't regret, in anyway having transferred my license to Market South Properties. The Realtor that talked to me about the brokerage company was not mistaken when she said the company feels like an extended family; this is totally true. As agents, we feel the support from our broker all the time, but also and most important, we work as a team and support each other. Like I said, I love to be part of the AWESOME Market South Properties Team!  - Nayra Vargas-Cumba

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